Trucking: Road Freight Zero

The Challenge

Demand for road freight is expected to triple by 2050, while the sector must almost entirely decarbonise in the same timeframe to meet the Paris Climate Agreement. Given the fragmented market, asset lifecycles, and infrastructure adaptation needed, urgent action is required now to ensure transition pathways may accelerate during the 2030s.

Our Approach

Coordinated action at the leadership level can accelerate the pace of change. Convening CEO Champions of first-movers across the value chain, Road Freight Zero is a multi-stakeholder coalition of the willing and able, designed to accelerate the viability and deployment of zero-emission fleets and infrastructure toward a 1.5°C trajectory by 2030.

Working through specific use cases, we are identifying the finance pain-points and solutions required from transition finance mechanisms, policy and new business models, and testing these through live corridors and vehicle purchase schemes. Replicable blueprints of these demonstrations will assist in scaling the solutions.

The initiative is also working collectively across the ecosystem of leading campaigns to ensure corporate commitments toward net zero and roadmaps for reaching these goals are clear and ambitious across the entire value chain.

Our Goals

By COP26:

  • In partnership with RouteZero, led by the Climate Group and the Climate Champions team, conclude a sector agreement between a critical mass of manufacturers, buyers, infrastructure, and finance players on a set of 2025-2030 commitments to net zero trucking in line with the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Agree on a 2050 net-zero global roadmap with intermediary milestones with a critical mass of industry players from different regions
  • Showcase leading collaborative action achieved to date, such as a shared infrastructure framework combining a blended finance model and buyers club approach, as well as joint-venture models for trucking as a service

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