Sector Transition Strategies

Industry-backed, net-zero strategies for seven critical sectors

Our industry-backed sector transition strategies unite industry leaders, customers, financial institutions and governments behind a strategic vision and plan to reach net-zero emissions in seven critical sectors.  

Our Goals

Each of our Sector Transition Strategies have three goals:

  • Define an aggressive, industry-backed, net-zero pathway for each sector
  • Define what needs to happen over time to meet that trajectory
  • Secure commitments to action in the 2020s from critical stakeholders in the value chain

How We Enable Action

  • Provide a quantitative reference point that can underpin corporate target setting, science-based targets and financial-sector alignment methodologies
  • Inform actions in the 2020s of stakeholders who shape markets, including industry leaders, governments, buyers of carbon-intensive materials and services, and financial institutions
  • Provide proof that zero-carbon value chains can work, and encourage others to follow

Open Access

To promote transparency and collaboration, our model materials and analytics are open-access, which facilitates regular refinement as data and insights evolve. It also ensures industry efforts can align behind a strategy the industry considers technically and economically feasible, subject to appropriate value-chain collaboration, finance and policy support.