making the impossible possible at COP26

catalysing climate action in the hard-to-abate sectors at cop26

Building on our recently released transition plans to decarbonise several of the hardest to abate sectors, the Mission Possible Partnership (MPP) is working on turning the Paris pledges into action beyond Glasgow through radical public-private collaboration.

our events

MPGCA Industry Action Event

Building on the Industry Action Pathways developed by the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action (MPGCA), this event will showcase proven collaborations and commitments to drive systems transformation and highlight the regulatory and policy frameworks required to halve global emissions by 2030 and deliver a net-zero, resilient world.

When: Tuesday, 9 November – 11:30am-2:15pm GMT
Where: Action Room 1 Hydro, Blue Zone and livestreamed here

Getting to Zero Emissions for Shipping

This public private dialogue will touch on a recent industry-led Call to Action, launched by the Getting to Zero Coalition, which has gained support by over 160 signatories across the shipping value chain. Industry players are committed to scaling and commercializing net-zero vessels and fuels by 2030, and ensuring that the necessary regulatory frameworks and infrastructure are set in place to enable an equitable and just transition towards 2050 net-zero targets for shipping.

When: Wednesday, 10 November – 8:30am-9:15am GMT
Where: The Climate Pledge Theatre and livestreamed here

Breaking through to a Net-Zero Aviation future

The aviation industry is ready to meet the 10% SAF target by 2030 – a key milestone towards the 2050 net zero pathway. This session will highlight the concrete actions leaders across the value chain have taken, and demonstrate a strong call to action from the public sector to meet this will with appropriate and effective policy mechanisms.

When: Wednesday, 10 November – 10am-11am GMT
Where: The Climate Pledge Theatre and livestreamed here

CEO Panel at COP26

In order to transition to a thriving abundant world, we must be able to envision the solutions and engage with the impact we must make, with a strong public-private partnership angle as the only vehicle for realistic success at meeting our targets. The Nature+Newsroom and the Mission Possible Partnership are positioned to become a leading influence in the orchestration of systems changes across sectors and industries, and in supporting this global shift.

When: Wednesday, 10 November – 12:30pm-13:10pm GMT
Where: Nature+Newsroom, Blue Zone

Construction Decarbonization – creating demand for low carbon materials

This event will send a strong, unified demand signal for low carbon materials, such as steel and cement, by bringing together key initiatives in this space. This will include the CEM’s Industrial Deep Decarbonisation Initiative, the First Movers Coalition, the Pacific Coast Collaborative, the Clean Construction Forum, SteelZero and CementZero.

When: Thursday, 11 November – 3:15pm-4:15pm GMT
Where: Livestreamed here

For more information about our presence at COP26 or to engage in our work, please contact: [email protected]