Road Freight Zero

We are a multistakeholder coalition of the willing and able, working to make zero-emissions fleets and infrastructure a reality for heavy-duty trucking by 2030.


of road transport emissions


increase in road freight by 2050


worst CO2 emitter if the industry were a country

Our Approach

To ensure the industry transitions at the pace and scale required, we are working to:

  • Accelerate the viability and deployment of zero-emissions long-haul fleets by 2030 
  • Identify the finance pain points and solutions required
  • Ensure corporate commitments towards net zero—and steps for reaching these commitments—are clear and ambitious

Our Goals

  • Cultivate a sector agreement between a critical mass of manufacturers, buyers, infrastructure providers, and finance players on a set of 2025–2030 commitments
  • Agree on a 2050 net-zero global roadmap with a critical mass of industry players from different regions   
  • Showcase leading collaborative actions achieved to date

Join Us

For more information or to engage in our work, please contact: [email protected]