Clean Skies for Tomorrow

The Clean Skies for Tomorrow (CST) Coalition is an initiative of high-ambition companies and organisations working to decarbonise global aviation through sustainable aviation fuels and other next-generation technologies.


of total global CO2 emissions


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Projected increase in airline traffic by 2035

Our Approach

We are collaboratively facilitating the industry’s transition to net-zero emissions by 2050 by working to:


  • Inspire leaders throughout aviation’s value chain
  • Resolve the “chicken and egg” scenario where producers and  consumers are each unable to shoulder the initial costs of investing in new technologies
  • Globally scale sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and other clean propulsion technologies

Our Goals

  • At least 20 CST members endorse an ambition statement and charter committing to net zero by 2050
  • Demonstrate a commitment to a shift of investment into additional production and delivery of SAF through the EU Green Deal, key market impact studies, establishing an SAF ambassadors group and buyers club, and launching an SAF financing fund
  • Accelerate the supply and use of SAF technologies to reach 5%–10% of global jet aviation fuel supply by 2030


Powering Sustainable Aviation through Consumer Demand:

The Clean Skies for Tomorrow Sustainable Aviation Fuel Certificate (SAFc) Framework

Join Us

For more information or to engage in our work, please contact: [email protected]