Aluminium for Climate

We are working to put the aluminium industry on a path to net-zero emissions by midcentury by collaborating with critical stakeholders across the value chain—and the globe. We are creating realistic pathways that accelerate the use of zero-carbon production technologies, increase access to fossil-free energy and grow demand for clean products.  


billion tonnes of CO2 emissions yearly


of total global emissions


demand growth
by 2050

Our Approach

The Aluminium for Climate initiative is driving efforts to substantially reduce industry emissions by:

  • Decarbonising electricity consumption in aluminium manufacturing
  • Decarbonising direct emissions from aluminium processing
  • Increasing the recycling of aluminium scrap

Our goals

  • Build a larger, more geographically diverse coalition
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of low-cost power decarbonisation over the next 10–15 years across key regions
  • Identify the additional policy and financial enablers required to accelerate power decarbonisation for aluminium production
  • Develop a better understanding of how to unlock the deployment of low-carbon production technologies

Join Us

For more information or to engage in our work, please contact: [email protected]